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Bikers Make A Difference was founded by Kelvin and Jane Halloran in 2002 but like all good things it takes a team to make something truly great after a break away when Kelvin stood down to persue other interests which included his paintings and forming a band, he has come back to head committee. BMAD committees work tirelessly to ensure that both the Wednesday Bike Nights and the Festival run smoothly and without the volunteers that assist with marshalling and other duties these great events would never happen. So a big THANK YOU to all those on past and present committees and those that continue to support BMAD in whatever way you can..... because bikers really do make a difference!
It's really important at this point to point out that BMAD is not selective in the type of bikes that our members ride, there is a general misconception that if you don't have a cruiser you may not be welcome, this couldn't be further from the truth, we welcome all 'denominations' from sports bike riders to moped riders and includes everything in between, if it’s got handlebars then you're welcome.