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BMAD Memberships have now reopened for renewals and initial memberships.

Social Membership
  • Membership shall be available to individuals who subscribe to the objectives and philosophy of BMAD
  • Members must be over 16 years of age
  • Membership shall be by annual subscription an initial £5 payable on joining and renewable in April of each year will be £5.00
  • Members will be eligible to vote at the AGM and new members after 14 days of joining.
  • Membership cards and pin badges will be issued on receipt of an application form and approval by Committee
  • Application forms are available from the Membership Secretary or downloadable as a PDF from HERE

Purpose of the Social Events Programme of BMAD:
  • To provide a focal point for members, marshalls, friends and supporters of BMAD
  • To encourage continued involvement and contribution from those who subscribe to the objectives of BMAD
  • To enable motorcycle riders and their friends to make contact with BMAD in an informal manner, enabling communication
  • To facilitate the recruitment of marshalls and members who will further and support the work of BMAD

  • We are currently meeting socialy at The Spinning Wheel, PAIGNTON on Wednesday evenings. There is no set time but people drift in from about 7pm. We meet upstairs and there is normally some food on. Live bands start from about 9.30pm. All are welcome to join us; we are a friendly bunch and accept riders and non-riders, big or little bike, cruiser or sports bike.
    If you would like to read a copy of our constitution you can do so by clicking HERE

    BMAD EGM 2016
    In accordance with section 5.2 of the BMAD Constitution, the BMAD Committee has voted unanimously to call an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) to discuss and vote on a motion that BMAD should be converted to a Limited Company Charity.
    In compliance with section 5.3 of the Constitution, notice is hereby given that the EGM will be held on Tuesday 30th August at 7:00pm. The venue will be the Inn On The Green, Esplanade Road, Paignton, TQ4 6BG.
    The motion will be:
    "That BMAD should be converted from an Unincorporated Association to an Incorporated Registered Charity, specifically by dissolving the existing Unincorporated Association and forming a Company Limited by Guarantee with the same aims, to which all existing BMAD assets will be transferred to enable its fundraising and charitable giving activities to proceed without undue delay or hindrance."
    A voting member is a person who holds a current membership.

    Stephanie Hayden

    BMAD Secretary